Company Profile

BRAINERGY INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD is a down-to-earth management consultancy and training company in Singapore founded in 1996.

Being effectively bilingual, our service has been sought after by clients coming from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Mr Victor Koh, our Founder/CEO, was sent by SPRING to Japan for training in Strategic Marketing and Productivity in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Upon returning in 2007, Victor consolidated his years of experience and knowledge acquired in Japan and founded the Just-Enough-ServiceTM a holistic customer service productivity management system.

Our corporate objective is to help more Singapore companies achieve better business returns by improving their customer service quality and service productivity through SPRING Singapore's Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) and Brand Development grant.

In addition, we would like to help companies develop a conducive workplace that will attract and retain good workers by tapping on the generous Workpro - Work-Life Development Grant and FWA Incentives.

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