CDG - Services Excellence

Every business exists to serve its customer. Having satisfied customers is paramount to a business’ survival.


Very often, a lot of money and effort are spent mainly on improving customer service by training the frontline service staff. Everyone tries to “exceed their customers’ expectation”. Everyone tries to beat the ambiguous “industrial customer service satisfaction index” without taking into consideration the diversity of business operations within each industry.

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CDG - Brand Development

A brand is not an entity that can be created in an instant.  


It is not just beautiful website, graphics or an impressive brand image book.


Branding goes way beyond these. A brand represents the heart and soul of a business.


“The value of a brand is in the consumption”.

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Workpro – Work-Life Development Grant / FWA Incentives

Brainergy International Pte Ltd is a pioneer in providing Work-Life Balance (also known as Work-Life Harmony) consultancy and training in Singapore.


We started our advisory service in 2003 when Work-Life Balance was first introduced into Singapore by the then Ministry of Community Development & Sports (MCDS). The program was later transferred to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in 2004 and launched under the WoW! Fund, now known as Workpro - Work-Life Development Grant.

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ICV - SMART (SME Management Action for Result)

Brainergy International Pte Ltd is an approved service provider for the ICV - SMART. We have successfully completed many projects for industries such as food manufacturing, car rental, TCM, advertising & design agency, construction, etc.

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