CDG - Services Excellence

Every business exists to serve customer. Having satisfied customer is paramount to a business’s survival.

A lot of money and effort are spent on improving customer service by training the frontline service staff. Everyone tries to “exceed their customers’ expectation”. Everyone tries to beat the ambiguous “industrial customer service satisfaction index” that does not take into consideration the diversity of business operations within each industry.

The result is a poor return on investment because companies spent much money in trying to improve customer service but only to find that the end results is at best trivial. This is because, like a pendulum, the frontline staff is motivated to serve well only for short period after the training then it drifted back to its original state. 

In 2005, Brainergy International Pte Ltd developed the “Just-Enough-ServiceTM” which in the word of our clients: “it finally makes sense of customer service”. 

Just-Enough-ServiceTM believes in taking a holistic approach to improve customer service by building the 6 key pillars of a sustainable business:


Today, companies that have applied the Just-Enough-ServiceTM approach, understands the strengths and inherent benefits of the 6 pillars approach. It has also become a major tool to improve service productivity. It has also nicknamed as “value-based customer service”.

The Just-Enough-ServiceTM starts by assessing your current service situation, understands your strategic goals, and help you optimize the returns of all employees’ effort and resources by building a corporate culture of customer service based on a common philosophy and language.

Companies implementing Just-Enough-ServiceTM in Singapore may apply for government support, such as, Capability Development Grant (CDG) – Customer-Centric Initiative (CCI) and ICV*.

 *Brainergy International is approved service provider for ICV – SMART and ICV – Mystery Audit.